Monday, 23 April 2012

Dealing with fibroids: my first encounter

In 2008, I visited the doctor simply because I was tired of looking at my high tummy. Having had a flat tummy for years i felt that something was wrong. It couldnt be all the junk food i ate while studying. My belly was also stiff, i thought maybe my skin was just firm but i was still bothered. My regular gynae was on vacation so I visited another. He said he didnt feel anything so I should increase my water and fiber intake. I bought up some fiber the same day and changed up things, but i was still uneasy. In a week's time my main gynae returned and i was able to convince her to send me for an ultrasound having had ovarian cyst before. I returned to her office to ind out that i had a 5 cm fibroid and a little one. She also pointed out to me with little explanation on what fibroids are that my options were pregnancy or surgery and I was to return in 3 months time to tell her my decision. Imagine my confusion and shock and all the other feelings I could not explained. Pregnancy, a christian without a husband? Surgery, in all my life that never sound like something good. I was depressed.

I returned to Jamaica for further studies and sought different opinions. They were pretty much the same thing, except the pregnancy was now at the top of the list. I knew a lot now about fibroids having read extensively but was still scared. I figure then I'll just wait till I got marry and start for kids right away. However, in 3 years, the fibroid has grown a cm a year and was now 8.2 cm in size. Almost every day, I had to answer the question are you pregnant. The fibroid distorted my endometrium, my first 2 days of period were so heavy and clotted I was changing pads at least 4 times per day. Sometimes when I visited the bathroom to urinate it would appear as if i was peeing blood, how my period was so heavy. I ws now using the super, long overnight pads, moved from taking paracetamol to ponstan forte prescribed by the doctor for the cramps. It worked, no longer had to coil up on the floor or roll till I find a position that didn't hurt no matter how awkward it was. Moreover, was the bathroom frequency; I was visiting the toilet so often especially at nights I wanted to cry. It felt like i was never emptying my bladder fully and as soon as I left the toilet and lie on my bed, within a minute I wanted to go again, no exaggeration. I had a constant lower back pain and a constant discomfort in my pelvic. There were moments of sharp pain that caused me to scream and a pain that radiates down my left leg. I also noticed a discoloration in my left leg. What was just a small spot, had spread on my thigh and I believe that it was only because of my black colour why it was hard to describe. But I had all these symptoms and no straight answers from the doctors. I knew I had to find a doctor who was following my history and the decision for surgery was up to me.


  1. Am so sorry to read about this,I do pray for your health and a speedy recovery and a cure. May the good lord guide you and keep you. You will make the right decision.

  2. I have had the surgery and would write a blog on that soon. I am 11 days post surgery, still recovery. Recovery time is 6 weeks but it was successful and am taking time getting back on my feet. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Surgery should be the very last option...From my knowledge there are natural herbs can help reduce fibroids.

    1. True jlo. I tried those too. They however take a long time to take effect and are most effective against small fibroid and not really large ones

  4. Your story is similar to mine, but my GYN, doesn't recommend me doing surgery now. The bloating is what I hate most, thanks for sharing. a speedy recovery to you.

  5. Thanks bron. I waited 3 years before surgery even though it was right up there as an option so watchful waiting is indeed an option.

  6. While surgery might be the last option, its a viable option which is is necessary to restore your body back to a state of comfort and ease. So sorry you went through this, but thanking God you are well to tell about it. Thanks for sharing my sister

  7. So sorry about what you are going through. I pray that God will continue to bless and give you the strength you need to stay and be strong . Thanks for sharing your experience and I hope it will help others in the similar situation. Take care:)

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